Just BASIC is a subset of Liberty BASIC, which is our commercial programming language.  Here are some of the great features of Just BASIC!
  • FREE to use for personal or commercial programming
  • Great for learning and teaching programming with the included detailed tutorial
  • Wonderful online community (visit our message forum)
  • Syntax coloring code editor
  • Create simple text mode programs or GUI applications
  • Create structured programs using subs, functions, SELECT/CASE, DO/LOOP, and more
  • Create standalone programs
  • Includes a great source level debugger, including breakpoints 
  • A built-in sprite engine for creating animation
  • Plays MIDI music and wave audio files
  • Includes a GUI forms editor written in Just BASIC - You can customize it!
  • Support RS-232 serial ports

Download your copy now!

Upgrade to Liberty BASIC for just $59.95 and enjoy these features!

  • Hardware port I/O
  • Access to Windows API functions or external DLLs
  • Unique lesson browser make interactive tutorials
  • Debugger improvements
  • Extended commands and functions
  • Free access to our online classroom
  • Learn more!